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AOpen AK75 Pro BIOS 1.11 Beta Free

Fixes:- Checksum 0525h- Fixed VA1000‘s driver Ver 10.3C/1.03B compatibility issue.It is

AOpen AK73-V BIOS 1.01 Free

Specifications:- CPU:Slot ASupport AMD Slot A Athlon CPUFSB 200MHz- Chipset:VIA KX133VIA 686B- Main

AOpen AK73-1394(A) BIOS 1.13 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 5F93h- Sets host bridge offset to improve AGP stability.- Updates CPU ratio table

AOpen AK73-1394(A) BIOS 1.16 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 4F54h- Updates CPU clock control registry following AMD‘s recommendation.-

AOpen AK73-1394(A) BIOS 1.17 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 093Eh- Supports HDD larger than 137G- Changes the default year from 2001 to 2002It

AOpen AK73-1394(A) BIOS 1.20 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 1CBBH- Implementing some very low rpm CPU FAN and system fan support.- Support

AOpen AK73-1394 BIOS 1.00 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 86BCh- Initial release.- Supports KT133 models: AK73Pro and AK73-1394.It is highly

AOpen AK73-1394 BIOS 1.02 Free

Fixes:- Checksum E178h- Supports KT133 models: AK73Pro and AK73-1394.- Halts On "ALL ERROR" by

AOpen AK73-1394 BIOS 1.04 Free

Fixes:- Checksum 1378h- Both KT133 and KT133A models: AK73Pro, AK73-1394, AK73Pro(A) and

AOpen AK73-1394 BIOS 1.07 Free

Fixes:- Checksum F866h- USB controller will not share IRQ with PCI devices.- Default year has been